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Pumpkin Dunkel Weizenbock

Classification: pumpkin beer, wheat beer, weizenbock, partial mash

Source: Sandra Cockerham, (, HBD Issue 1750, June 6, 1995

In the future I want to repeat this recipe with either wheat dry malt extract or do an all grain batch.

Ingredients: (for 3.75 gallons)


Mash for 2 hr @ 155F , 1 tsp gypsum added to mash water. Add a couple gallons of foundation in the bottom of Gott mash-tun. Then add grains. Add 2 cans of 29 oz size pure pumpkin (the grain helps strain out the goo, I DON'T stir the mash). A colander trimmed-to-fit used as a false bottom in the Gott.

Sparge until runs off clear (collected a bit over 4 gal) Did a 60 min boil.

Chill and siphon into 5 gal carboy. Pitch William's weizen yeast.

1/25/94 O.G. 1.075
racked to 2nd on 2/5/94 bottled with 2/3 cup corn sugar per 3.5 gal.
3/9/94 F.G. 1.028