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Michael's Raspberry Ale

Classification: fruit beer, raspberry ale, extract

Source: Michael Minter (, r.c.b., October 4, 1995

I made a very nice Raspberry Ale this summer that got raves from all my friends. Give it a try.



Steep cracked crystal malt in your brew pot with 1-2 gals water coming to a boil. Remove crystal at 170 F. Bring to rolling boil and added malt extract. Boil for 15min and then add 2.5oz Hallertau hops in a hop bag. Boil for 45 more minutes and add Irish Moss, 0.5oz Hallertau hops for aroma to hop bag and the frozen Raspberries (previously rinsed and drained). Leave on heat for 5 more minutes. Turn off heat, remove hop bag and let stand for 10 more minutes. Cool, top off to 5 gals and pitch yeast. Be sure to leave the raspberries in the wort during the primary ferment. Transfer to a secondary after 2-3 days and leave the raspberries behind.