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Cranberry Wheat

Classification: fruit beer, cranberry beer, all-grain, holiday beer, christmas ale

Source: Russ Brodeur (, r.c.b. October 2, 1995

I have made a cranberry wheat for the holidays the past two seasons.

BIG cranberry aroma with this recipe.

I used Edme Ale yeast, but Wit or Lambic strains would lend more "character", I think.



*No* finishing hops (want to taste the cranberries) Mash at 124 F/30 min, 145-50 F/30 min, 158-60 F/30 min.

Added 12# of chopped cranberries after krauesen fell. **note, a cheesecloth bag with some sort of weighting would be advisable to **keep the berry pieces from floating up & out of the liquid.

Fermented another 2 wks, then secondaried 'til clear & bottled.