Cats Meow 3
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Cherry Weiss et cetera

Classification: fruit beer, cherry wheat, wheat beer, extract

Source: Jason Affourtit (, Homebrew Digest #1895, November 28, 1995

Just a brief note, thanks to all for advice about the cherry vanilla weiss beer, it came out great!

After 7 days conditioning - WOW!

Great stuff, i was very pleased, great pink color also!



3 gal. boil volume.

Very rapid fermentation for 4 days, slowed _finally_ and racked to secondary after 8 days, left it 6 more days in carboy, great clarity! once in secondary i added 2tbs. pure vanilla extract for flavor and mostly aroma, and i tbs. cherry essence for aroma (taste was grrrreat, didn't need any more flavor, wanted better aroma).

At bottling added 8oz malto-dextrin for better head and mouth feel - was of course very dry...and priming sugar.