Cats Meow 3
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Classification: raspberry wheat, wehat beer, extract

Source: Rob Ball (, r.c.b., 5/13/96

This is a tart berry ale very fruity,triple the honey if you want a sweeter result. I use this base wheat in all my fruit wheats,now I add 2-3 lbs of wheat grain,in a partial mash, for a fuller wheat flavor. You can make any type of fruit beer. Here are amounts for other fruits: All types of berries 1-1.5#per gal; Peach-7.5-8#per 6 gal(2# blended add to boil)5# primary; Cherry-2#per gallon; Lemon-3 large in boil cut on all sides,3-5 large in primary.



Leave in thru primary,remove going into secondry. Bottled with 1-cup dextrose boiled in 3 qts water, cooled. Primary: 5-7 days; secondary 3-5 days.