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Jolly Rancher Beer

Classification: fruit beer, blueberry beer, extract

Source: Mike Haag (, 6/29/96

I was trying to make a light fruit ale for the hot days of summer, and this turned out pretty good, special thanks to Karrie & Kieth Simon for all the difficult tasting sessions.

This is a beer you can drink all day, it goes down well and is very easy to make.



Boil 1.5 gal cold water, add all malts and .75oz hopps, at last 10 min, add balance of hopps, and at 5 min add blueberry extract.

I piched the yeast at 70 deg. and racked into secondary after 3 - 4 days, and bottled after another 5 days. It is very smooth, and dfoes tast like a grape jolly rancher!