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Cranberry Wit

Classification: fruit beer, cranberry beer, wit, all-grain

Source: Christopher Mort (, r.c.b., 11/13/96

I just brewed a Cranberry Wit about two weeks ago.

I used Cluster because I had a lot laying around and wanted to use them up. Something like Saaz or Kent Goldings may be better. This was my first time using the White ale yeast, and I'm pretty happy with the results so far -- kinda fruity. I waited until the secondary to add the cranberries so they would come out more and become more aromatic in the final product. A few after being in the secondary and it had an almost lambic taste to it which I was expecting. It's not a sweet flavor like Lindeman's, but a very tasty brew. I'm expecting to let this one mellow for awhile if it makes it through the holidays.

Ingredients: (4-1/2 gallons)