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Cherry Wheat

Classification: fruit beer, wheat beer, cherry wheat, extract

Source: Don Leone (, r.c.b., 9/20/96

Just wanted to send a message to those who gave advice or were interested in the results of my cherry wheat recipe. went well, but it seemed a little flat, as i inverted the bottles after adding polyclar and then set upright 45 minutes later before storing. some of the yeast was in the head and didn't help carbonate and also left a funk on top during the bottling fermentation period. plan to mix up the bottles to loosen the yeast and hopefully the rest of the batch will be better carbonated.

Half the batch is plain what and the other half cherry wehat. both good, although the cherry is definetly there. however, i would not reduce the amount of extract to add at bottling. anyway here is the recipe.



Total boil is 60 minutes. also added irish moss last 15 min of boil; glelatin and polyclar at bottling. next time will add polyclar when racking to the secondary.1