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Scotch Ale

Classification: Scotch ale, Scottish ale, McAndrews Scotch Ale, McEwens Scotch Ale, extract

Source: Randolph Beltz (, r.c.b., 10/23/95

I also love McAndrews Scotch Ale...not to be confused with McEwens Scotch Ale. Its also pricey here when available. I have a recipe that very closely approximates it.

Is malty and strong. Has a very nice dark amber color. This is a sipping ale; Acl % by vol is about 8%!



- Put gain in muslin bag into 1.5 gal of cold water; bring to boil
- Remove grain; add malt extracts, DME, and Northern hops; boil for ~35min
- Last 10min add Cascade hops and Irish Moss (1 tb)