Cats Meow 3
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Brown Ale #3

Classification: brown ale, extract

Source: Joseph M. Pollard, (, r.c.b., 3/18/96

Not real strong, but very smooth. I am drinking one of these right now. Only 10 days in the bottle!

If you have not used steeping grains before, you are in for a treat. Does a lot to add body, and is very, very easy. Just remember to take the bag out as the boil begins.

Nice hop flavor. Great head retention. Only did a primary, no secondary. In the primary only about one week.



Cinnamon and finishing hops went in during last 10 minutes of boil.

Sorry didn't do SG or FG. But, experience tells me it is about 4.5%. Another pound or two of the LME would probably raise the alcohol level to about 5.5% or so.