Cats Meow 3
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Classification: alt, German ale, all-grain

Source: Jim Busch (, HBD Issue #1979, 3/8/96

I should preface this with the comment that Ive never brewed an Alt but heres some suggestions (I really should brew this!).



German Pils and Munich malts, Ireks, Durst or Weyermann are good choices. Munich malt at 20-30% of the grist. CaraMunich at 3-5% of grist. I would avoid Roasted barley. Dough in at 104F, rest 15-20 mins. Raise to 122F for 20 mins, pull decoction. Hold decoction at 148F for 30 mins, then boil for 20 mins. Combine mashes and rest at 148-150F for 30-45 mins, raise to 158 for 10 mins, then 170F and lauter. Boil 30 mins then add 40 BUs German spalt. Boil this for 60 mins. At 30 min before knock out add 5-10 BUs spalt or H. hallertaur. Some might want 50 BUs for the first hopping. Chill to 60F, pump large amounts of oxygen in and pitch dregs of 2+ litres Alt yeast. Ferment 60F for 10-14 days, then rack to conditioning tank. Hold secondary in 32F frige for 2-4 weeks, keg and force prime or krausen to carbonate. If you cant get spalt, try Tettnanger Tettnang.