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Scottish Export

Classification: Scottish ale, extract

Source: Jeff Imes (, r.c.b., 12/21/95

Hi! I just brewed a combo extract/specialty malt Export Scottish Ale as you would like to make. It has no finishing hops, as all scottish and scotch ales should be. Here's my recipe.

The vigorous initial fermentation is over now (3.5 days after pitching) and the CO2 released smells wonderful! It's a dark amber color, but not quite brown. If you want it to be darker like McEwan's, try using amber DME.



Pre-boil and cool 2 gals of water and store in closed carboy. Add 4 gals water to kettle and heat to 150 deg F. Remove from heat and steep crystal and chocolate malts for 15 minutes. Return to heat and at around 170 deg, remove malts. Add DME, brown sugar, hops, and salts (if necessary). Boil down to ~3.5 gal for 1 hour. During last 15 minutes of boil, add Irish Moss. Cool and add to carboy. Pitch yeast at 70 deg F. Shake well, keep in dark area at 70 deg F.