Cats Meow 3
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Kiss My Abbey

Classification: abbey beer, Belgian ale, Trappist ale, all-grain

Source: Gary McCarthy (, HBD Issue #1902, 12/6/95

A while back I posted a recipe asking for opinions on the content. I received one reply :-( , advising me to put like 4 oz of chocolate malt in as I was trying to get a Brown out of the recipe. Well, I didn't listen, and ended up with more of an IPA than a Brown. But thats okay too. The taste is sweet and very hoppy. I reccomend this recipe, with the addition of 4 oz chocolate and the subtraction of 8 oz of the carastan.



Protein rest - 15 min at 121.F. Starch conversion - 2 hrs at 151-141.F, 30 mins at 160. F. Mash out - 5 min at 168.F. Sparge, boil, add all hops at 60 min before end of boil. SG - 1.060. FG - 1.020. Bottled 30 - 12oz and 16 pints.