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Extract Scotch Ale

Classification: Scotch ale, extract

Source: Peter T. Sabin (, r.c.b., 4/17/96

Bottled the following on 96.04.08. Sampled a bottle last night--was good then (although no carbonation to speak of) and may get much better. We'll see.



(Next time, I'm going to try it with another 1/2 oz of hops at boil + 25 minutes). Started yeast with about a quart of warm water and a little DME & sugar. (Next time, I'm going to try a liquid yeast.)

In the primary from 96.03.23 to 96.03.28 (5 days); in the secondary from 96.03.28 to 96.04.08 (11 days); Primed with 3/8 cup corn sugar and 3/4 cup DME and bottled on 96.04.08.