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Brown Rye Ale

Classification: brown ale, rye ale, sucanat, all-grain

Source: Jacob Galley (, HBD Issue #2034, 5/11/96

The other interesting thing about this recipe, besides the rye flakes, is the sucanat. I got this idea from a brown ale recipe in one of Dave Miller's books, which called for brown sugar. It's hard to describe, but the cane flavor complements the rye-spiciness quite well!



Mash at about 142 F for 90 minutes. Sparge as usual. Boil wort 60 minutes with sucanat, hop as indicated above. Chill as usual. The original gravity comes to 1.048 (for 5 gallons). Pitch any of the plethora of British and German ale yeasts marketed by Wyeast. (I generally use London Ale.)