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Pale Rye Ale

Classification: pale ale, rye ale, all-grain

Source: Kristine Perez (, HBD Issue #2035, 5/13/96

This one is not bitter at all and the taste of the rye really comes through. I like to keep this one around in the summer so my friends don't have to give me "bitter beer face" when I serve them my IPA.

I take no credit for this recipe, it is from Sep/Oct 93 issue of Brewing Techniques (out of print), page 23.

I usually use Harrington or whatever is cheap for the 2-row. I also usually double this to make 10 gallons. Five is nowhere near enough. YES!! I know that the rye is 30% of the grain bill. ** Do it anyway**. This is an excellent beer. Even people who don't like beer, like this beer. My favorite variation of this substituted 2 lbs of Victory for 2 lbs of the 2-row, and used an altbier yeast. I remember it fondly :)



Single-step infusion mash or step mash. 90 minute boil.