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Usquepaugh Mild Brown Ale

Classification: mild ale, brown ale, wheat, all-grain

Source: Rolland Everitt (, HBD Issue #1840, 9/25/95

I wanted to make a brown ale, but had no chocolate or black malt on hand, so I tried an experiment.

After 4 weeks in the bottle, this is a very drinkable brown ale with a pleasant flavor. I named it for the village of Usquepaugh, RI, home of Kenyon's Mill (no affiliation), which is to milling what a good micro is to brewing. I bought the wheat there. They offer a line of stone-ground meals and flours at their shop, and by mail order.



I had some cracked whole wheat of the sort that can be cooked as a hot cereal. I pan-roasted it in a dry iron skillet for about 30 minutes, turning it frequently, until it was fairly dark (some was burned actually). This was cooked in about a quart of water for about 3/4 hour, and added to the main mash at about 50 C at the start of the protein rest. All water used had 1/2 tsp. Burton salts added per gallon. The boil was about 50 minutes, and there was quite a lot of hot break. This recipe yielded about 3 gallons of wort at OG=1.050. I pitched one packet of Edme ale yeast direct (no starter). FG was 1.018.