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Belgian Single

Classification: Trappist ale, Belgian ale, single, enkel, all-grain

Source: Steve Stroud (, Lambic Digest #948, 9/26/96

I have tasted both the Witkap pater and La Trappe's Enkel. Both are pale, somewhat delicate (well, in a Belgian ale sense) top fermented beers. I found both quite aromatic, with lots of yeast derived aromas, perhaps some spicing as well. Hopping was low.

As a first guess, I would essentially brew a tripel, but cut all ingredients back to give an OG in the 1050 or so range; hopping and spicing should be reduced also.

If anyone brews this, I'd be happy to sample a bottle and give you my opinion :-).

Ingredients: (10 gallon batch)


I'd boil all of the hops for 60 minutes except for a smidge added the last 5 minutes. Grind the spices before using and boil for 15 minutes.

You could shade the color of the beer and add complexity by replacing a small amount of the pilsner malt with carapilsner or carvienne malt; likewise a touch of malted wheat could be used to advantage.

Assuming 30 pts/lb for the malt and 44 pts/lb for the sugar, you should get an of about 1.050. IBU's calculate out to be ~20.

Use a good Belgian ale yeast. Westmalle (reportedly Wyeast 3787) or La Chouffe (available from YCKC or RTP orJeff Frane) would both be appropriate.