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Wit Christmas

Classification: wit, wheat beer, Belgian ale, all-grain

Source: John Varady (, HBD Issue #2222, 10/9/96

Following is the wit recipe I built and why. Any comments would be appreciated.

Reasons for what you see:

I used the curacao/coriander schedule from this recipe which won Best of Show at the "Spirit of Belgium" competition in 1994.

I went to the Celis page and read up on the hops for Celis white (I was happy to see Cascades).

I like cascades and figured using them and centennial would compliment the curacao citrusness. I picked Saaz for flavor/aroma since the style chart in NCJHB say 'nobel type' for hop flavor/aroma.

I am undecided if I should just buy the Wyeast Belgian White, or if I should culture it from Hoegarrden...



Mash in 110F (43.3C) 10 min. Boost to 128F (53.3C) 30 mins . Boost to 158F (70C) 50 mins.

Add spice 10 minutes before knockout.