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Margarita's Moult Scotch Ale

Classification: Scotch ale, all-grain

Source: Bill Slack Issue #761, 11/15/91

Looks nice, malty smell and taste, noticeably alcoholic, a little harsh. It's been in the bottle a little over a week now and is starting to smooth out. I wish I had made more of this. I like the Scotch Ale style, especially now that cool weather is coming.

Ingredients: (for 4 gallons)


Add 1 teaspoon gypsum (Nashua water is very soft) to 2 1/2 gal water. Heat to 165 degrees, add grains and dough in at 152 degrees. Mash for for 75 minutes (152 to 148 degrees). Mash out with 3 quarts boiling water (gives a temp of 160 degrees. Should be 165 degrees). Draw off a quart and recirclate for a total of 10 times. Sparge with five gallons water and 1 teaspoon gypsum at 168 degrees. (Gravity was only 1.055 so decided to include 1 pound light M&F DME.) Bring to a boil. Add the DME and 1/2 pound dark brown sugar. At 15 minutes into the add 1 1/2 ounces of Kent Goldings. (At 62 minutes, gravity was 1.070 and volume was low, so added a gallon of boiling water.) At 73 minutes, add 1/2 ounce Styrian Goldings. At 90 minutes, start wort chilling. After chilling, rack to carboy, aerate by gently sloshing the fermenter. Pitch rehydrated Whitbread ale yeast, slosh carboy again, install airlock.