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Sour Brown Kriek

Classification: Belgian ale, oud brouin, all-grain

Source: Micah Millspaw, Issue #800 1/13/92

Making a sour brown type beer is somewhat easier than a lambic. So here is my recipe for an excellent sour brown kreik beer.

The lambic's flavour/aroma is a result of a unique fermentation process involving a host of yeasts and bacteria, I recommend J.X. Guinard's Lambic book for more info. It is unfortunate that articles in Zymurgy wriiten by CP lead people to beleive that sour mashing is a part of lambic, perhaps he could read Guinards book after all isn't he the publisher!

Ingredients: (not sure of volume, probably 15 gallons)


This is a single temperature infusion mash at 165 degrees for 1--1/2 hours. prise de mousse (S. bayanus) and Pediococus D. in the fermenter 7 day primary, 14 day secondary kegged with 16 ounce cherry concentrate (68 brix) and Brettenomyces culture.