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Belgian Strong Ale

Classification: Belgian ale, Trappist ale, trippel, extract

Source: Joel Newkirk ( 10/16/92

We brewed this a few weeks ago,aiming for a Belgian Trippel, but the resulting brew was a lovely golden ale color. At about 9--1/2 percent alcohol it seemed innapropriate to call it a double. After four days in the bottle, tasted room temperature, it was fantastic. No bananas yet, but we're of course expecting them.

This seemed like overhopping ad nauseum, but it came out wonderfully balanced. The cinnamon, of course, is a drop in the ocean of flavor.



Brought to boil the Belgian and English crystal. Removed grains. Boiled 1 hour with extract, Fuggles and Cascade, brown sugar, cinnamon and Irish moss.