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Pugsley's Pseudo Celis White #5

Classification: wit, Belgian ale, wheat beer, Celis, all-grain

Source: Tony Storz (, HBD Issue #1310, 12/29/93

While this will not fool everyone into thinking that this is the real Celis White, I was very happy with the outcome. The spices are "up front" without being overpowering. However, some people like a wallop from the spices and you will need to experiment with the spice amounts.

After a couple months the spices have faded a bit, so next time I will double the spices and probably try Wyeast White beer yeast.

This recipe should give you a good starting point with which to experiment. If anyone else has a recipe for a Celis White clone, or have any comments or questions on my recipe, please feel free to E-mail me or post.



Bring 2 gallons water to boil. Add unmalted wheat and hold at 185-195 degrees for 20 minutes. Add cold water and 6 row malt to bring down to 130 degrees. Add 1 tsp. amalase and gypsum (pH 5.3). Allow protein rest for 25 minutes. Raise temperature to 150 degrees and hold 20 minutes. Complete conversion by raising temperature to 158 degrees and holding for 20 minutes. Mashout at 168 degrees for 5 minutes. Acidify sparge water to pH 5.7 with lactic acid. Sparge with 4-5 gallons of 170-180 degree water. Boil wort for 90 minutes. Add hops and crushed spices 15 minutes before end of boil. Cool wort and pitch yeast.