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Brown Ale

Classification: brown ale, extract

Source: Tim O'Keefe (, r.c.b., 8/9/94

Here's the recipe for a batch I made about two months ago. It's my favorite brewed thus far! It's kinda heavy and sweet, ad is fairly close to a porter, though certainly not the same.



In case your homebrew store doesn't have the secific brands of grains I listed here--the "special roast" is toasted barley, about 50 Lovibond, and the "special B" is a very dark crystal malt--221 Lovibond. If it's not available, substitute in the darkest crystal malt you can find.

You asked for specific directions, so here goes:

1) heat about 2 gal of water in your brewpot. Steep the choc malt, special B, and special roast while the water heats up. Putting the grains in a msulin steeping bag helps make removing the grains a lot easier.

2) When the water begins boiling, remove the grains, and add the amber syrup, dark syrup, and Northern Brewer hops.

3) After 50 min, throw in the fuggle hops, and boil for 10 more minutes.

4) Cool down your wort, and add to your carboy with 3 gal water. When it's all reahced 78F, pitch your yeast.