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Carla's Rainy Day Ryefest

Classification: roggenbier, rye, all-grain

Source: David P. Brockington (, r.c.b., 8/8/93

It worked out quite well, if you like Rye. The genesis was one evening I was sipping on some American whisky contemplating my brewing. As I tend to brew about four batches a month, I run out of new ideas often. This particular evening, I was wondering what I could add to my beer that would be distinct, yet appropriate. The whisky I was drinking at the time was Old Overholt, which is a Straight Rye. Bingo.

The name is from my favorite bar-tendress at the pub that has been my home for the past four years. The name used to apply to a different brew, which I scrapped. It will stick to this one.

It has yet to be entered in any competition, so I have no collection of comments for it, unfortunately. The rye flavor is strong, but not overwhelming, in my opinion. In fact, I consider this beer a quaffer, and can easily down three in a session -- the rye flavor is noticable, but balanced. All in all, I am quite happy with this beer and will brew it again in a few brewing cycles -- probably August.



Grains mashed in a single-step infusion @ 156F for 90 minutes.

All fermentation done in glass @ 65F for 20 days. The reading I took at 14 days was 1.008, so the fermentation time could be trimmed.