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Alt Bier

Classification: alt, German ale, partial mash

Source: Timothy J. Dalton (, HBD Issue #1098, 3/16/93

When I bottled this batch of Alt Bier last week, it had a wonderful Saaz nose to it, from dryhopping in the secondary. Now, a week later, it's carbonated, ready to drink, and has no Saaz aroma at all...

Other than the loss of nose, it's quite good! Tasty and bitter.



30 min 122F Protein Rest, 1 Hr. 152 F Starch Conversion, 5 min 168 F mash out. Sparge with ~ 2 gallons 170F.

Then add 5.375 lbs Telfords light english extract, total volume of boil, 5 gallons. 1 oz. galena (12%), 0.5 oz Nothern Brewer (7.1%) 60 min 0.5 oz saaz (3.8%) 30 min.

Boil 1 hr, chill with wort chiller to 60F Repitch with Wyeast 1056 from seondary of an Irish Ale. (Bottled previous day).

After 13 days, Dryhopped with 0.5 oz Saaz (3.8%) for 8 Days more. FG = 1.012 Wonderful Saaz aroma at bottling (3/4 cup corn sugar used).