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Kari's Bitter Rye Ale

Classification: rye, roggenbier, extract, sahti

Source: Kari Nikkanen (, HBD #1200, 8/10/93

There are some things I'll change when I brew my next rye ale. First, I'll do a temperature controlled mash with starch conversion at about 150-155 deg F. I won't use more than 3-4 ounces rye malt, because the rye malt I use is very dark and quite bitter, so 7 ounces is simply too much. The hops I used were not exactly fresh, and didn't have any alpha rating, so I think 1/2 ounce of fresh Northern Brewer will be enough next time. When this beer was only few weeks old, it was far too bitter and sharp, and the bitterness of rye malt was (too) clearly distinguisable. So I let it age. Now, after 7 months it's much smoother, but a bit thin. It has a nice amber colour and a smooth long lasting head, and even my wife says it's quite drinkable, so with these suggestions to improve it, I finally dare to post this recipe.

Ingredients: (for 10 litres)


1.5 hours mash at 140-145 , sparge water temperature about 175 F. Total boiling time 75 minutes. Yeast was dehydrated 2-3 hours before pitching. O.G was about 1040-42. Primary fermentation 4 days and secondary 7 days.