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Old Man Pyle

Classification: old ale, pale ale, all-grain, Old Peculier

Source: Norm Pyle (, r.c.b., 5/18/94

This recipe has been changed a bit from the original brew to allow for changes in my home brewery. The original was intended to dupe Old Peculier and it did an adequate job at that. It did a much better job, though, standing on its own as a fine strong ale. It was best fresh, which says something about the "Old Ale" moniker, but I don't know what.

Tasting notes from the original OMP:

Wonderful complex fruity, malty, hoppy (bitter, flavor, aroma), and alcohol palate. The Fuggles work great in this brew because they don't dominate it as some other aroma hops might.

Final notes: Chris Lyons mentions sucanut (succanut?) as providing that Old Peculier (OP) flavor. It may be worth a try in this recipe. Also, OP has little or no hop aroma, at least the OP I've tried here in the states. Therefore, skip the dry hops (I hate to say this, because this is a wonderful brew WITH the dry hops).



Mash pale, vienna, and munich malts at 154F for 1.5 hours. Add crystal and chocolate malts at mash-out. Add sugar to the boil; adjust amount to hit OG (not more than 1# though). Hop as listed above; dry hops added after primary fermentation slows.