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Chuck's Brown Ale

Classification: brown ale, extract

Source: Chuck Coronella (CORONELLRJDS@CHE.UTAH.EDU), HBD Issue #1147, 5/24/93

Last night, I tasted the brown ale that I bottled just last Sunday. Wow!! I'm in love! It's not clear yet, but it's already carbonated, and delicious!

I can't describe the taste so well, but it certainly is one of the best that I've ever made. The hop nose is wonderful! I ran across the tubinado in a health food store, and thought why not? I believe that is added some residual sweetness to the beer. I hope that I can duplicate this one some day.

Ingredients: (for 4-1/2 gallons)


The choc. malt was steeped in 65'C water for 20 min and then sparged (and removed). The yeast was made from the dregs of 10 bottles of beer (that got dumped due to excessive aluminum leaching) that had been in a starter for 3 days before hand. The yeast for that batch came from the dregs of several bottles of stout, which was made with WYeast Irish Ale. (I think I could make beer from the dregs of the brown ale, but that might be one to many generations!) Temperature of fermentation was 60 - 70'F, 6 days in primary, 9 days in secondary (with dry hops).