Cats Meow 3
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Flat Tyre

Classification: Belgian ale, Trappist, Fat Tire, extract

Source: Roger Grow (, HBD #1641, 1/26/95

The beer turned out great! Not exactly like Fat Tire (thus the name) but close enough for me. It doesnt have that Fat Tire wheat taste, but I'm not a big wheat beer fan (shields up Mr. Data). The yeast is an important part of the flavor so buy, beg, culture or pilfer some if you possibly can. If you buy a packet, definately make a starter because 1056 seems to start slow.



Add 1.5 gallons cold water and the grains (in a bag) to your boiling pot. Spend about 30 mins bringing the water to a boil. I use medium high on my generic electric range, high boils too quickly and doesnt give the grains enough soaking time.

Remove the grain bag just before the water boils.

Remove the pot from the heat (to prevent scorching) and add the extract.

Replace on the heat and add 3/4 oz chinook hops - boil for 60 min.

Add 1 oz cascades for the last 15 minutes of the boil.

Cool to about 100F (chiller, ice bath, snow drift or divine intervention) Add cooled wort to 3 gallons cold water in your primary fermenter.

When the temp is less than 80F (should be by now) add the yeast and shake the snot out of it, um, I mean, aereate the wort.

When fermentation is complete, make a 'hop tea' by boiling the remaining 1/4 oz chinook hops (I know, not a classic aroma hop) with your priming sugar. Bottle, wait at least three weeks and enjoy.