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Dusseldorfer Altbier

Classification: alt, German ale, extract

Source: Rex Saffer (, r.b.c., 3/27/95

I made 4 5-gallon batches of Dusseldorf Altbier using Yeast Labs liquid yeast culture #A06, propagating the starter each time. They came out fantastic!! With nearly 100 extract batches under my belt (literally!) I think they were some of my best beers ever. I bottled the last of them at the end of November and I have none left.

In my experience, the Yeast Labs cultures take a day or two, sometimes longer, to get going, but once active, they propagate in less than a day. If I can't brew when they are getting ready, I just pop the starter with its airlock affixed in the refrigerator until I have time to brew. I like to make several batches from one culture so as to spread out the higher cost of the liquid yeast.



Crush grains, steep 20 min. in grain bag in 10 qt. 155 deg. F. H2O, drain & wring out. Add 1/2 oz. NB + 1/4 oz. T, bring to boil. Remove from heat, add malt extracts, bring to boil for 60 min. At 30 min. add 3/4 oz. NB + 1/2 oz. T, Irish moss. No aroma hops. Force chill to 70 deg. F, sparge, pitch 1 qt. yeast starter.