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Newcastle Brown

Classification: brown ale, extract

Source: Peter Graves (, r.c.b., 4/10/95

The recipe is from Miller's "Brewing the World's Great Beers". OK, it started out from his recipe.



Steep grains in a bag 30 minutes in 1 Gal. of 150 degree water. Rinse a bit with 170 degree water. Add extracts. 60 minute boil, chill to 75 degrees, rack to leave behind cold break, pitch with 1.5 Qts of yeast and starter. Aerate 12 hours with air and a .22 u air filter. Rack at end after 3-4 days. Rack at 2 weeks and bottle. Style has low hops and low carbonation. Nut flavor I think is from the barely refined sugar. The english have a dark brown sugar (raw sugar??) that we in the states do not, british recipes call for it.