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My Mild

Classification: mild ale, all-grain

Source: Spencer Thomas (, HBD Issue #1739, May 24, 1995

I made this recently. It came out very nicely. It's a nice recipe because you can make 10 gallons on the stove top. Patterned after Darryl Richman's Mild from the Cat's Meow.

Ingredients: (for 10 gallons)


Mash-in at 50C for a 15 minute protein rest (1.5 gallons water @ 66C) Raise to 68C with 1.75 gallons of boiling water, hold for 60 mins. Mash-out by bringing 1 gallon of liquid to a boil and returning to mash (70C, not high enough). Sparge with 6 gallons of water at 80C. (Collected about 7 gallons).

Boil 60 minutes. CF chilled to 20C for pitching.

Mix with 5 gallons of pre-boiled, cooled & aerated water.

Fermented in an open bucket for 2 days, then "dropped" (racked) into carboys. For one, I siphoned with normal care to avoid aeration. For the other, I deliberately let the beer fall from the neck of the carboy to the bottom to get some aeration. The second batch (with aeration) had a "rounder", more pleasant (IMHO) flavor, with a nice hint of butterscotch (diacetyl).