Cats Meow 3
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Angie's Ale

Classification: Flanders brown, brown ale, Belgian ale, extract

Source: Lev K. Desmarais (, r.c.b., 7/28/95

I just cracked open a bottle of my homebrew batch number 3. It's only been in the bottle since last Saturday, so it's not quite carbonated all the way yet, but damn this beer turned out great.

I have been slowy making my batches more complex. I added some Crystal Malt grain to this batch. It added some really nice flavor to the beer. While my first two batches turned out pretty good. They lacked the character the grain added to this batch.

If there are any extract brewers out there who haven't tried adding a pound of grain to their brews, I highly recommend you give it a try. It's not very difficult. You need not mash to add a nice grain taste to your beer. Just make some grain tea, but don't boil the grain or you will leach nasties out of the grain husks. Yank the grain at about 160 F.

Here's my recipe for batch number 3. Suds rates it as a Flanders Brown Ale (Well Hi-dilly-ho Neighbor!). I call it Angie's Ale (Angie is my border collie mix pup dog).



Place Crystal Malt in a grain bag and heat with 2 gallons water in a pasta pot. Remove grain at 160 F. Mix grain tea and Malt Extract in a cool brew pot, and add another gallon or two of hot water. Bring to a boil add hops and salt. Cool wart. Rehydrate yeast, and pitch at 80 F. Ferment in primary for 4 days at room temp. Rack to Secondary. Ferment for additional 10 days at room temp.