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Classification: alt, german ale, pale ale, all-grain, yeast

Source: Bruce DeBolt, posted by Keith Frank (, HBD #1791, July 26, 1995

Since Wyeast 1084 makes such good stouts and porters I wanted to compare it to my standard alt yeast (Wyeast 1338) using the same wort. The original recipe came from Zymurgy's Winter 1994 article on Alt, with modifications from HBD input and gut feel. I've been trying to duplicate Otter Creek Copper Ale, but it's been so long since I drank one (Texas is a long way from Vermont) I can't honestly say how this compares.

Comments - I prefer the 1084 overall. At a recent club meeting the vote was for 1084. Both beers are good, but the 1084 flavor is more distinct. With a lower FG or more bittering hops it would be just what I'm after.

Flavor comparison after two months in the bottle:
- Malt aroma - 1338 a little more pronounced than 1084
- Malt flavor - 1338 is smoother, but I prefer the slightly "rougher" flavor of 1084
- Bitterness - 1338 has a pleasant slight bitterness in the finish, 1084 a little more pronounced
- 1338 has a fruitiness that is not as noticeable in 1084.

Ingredients: (for 5 gallons)


Mash at 156-155 for 60 min.

Wort split into two fermenters, with a one quart starter of each yeast. Fermented at 66-70F in primary for 7 days, 72-80F in secondary for 10 days. O.G. 1.053, SG for both yeasts 1.018