Cats Meow 3
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Pete's Wicked Clone

Classification: brown ale, American brown ale, Pete's Wicked Ale, extract

Source: Jon (, r.c.b., 5/23/95

I've lost the original post, but someone requested a Pete's Wicked Red Ale clone. Actually, if it's Pete's Wicked Ale (and not a red ale) we're talking about then we're really talking about a bitterly hopped American Brown ale. Here's a recipe I think would produce a Pete's Wicked Ale taste-a-like.

Brewer's Gold is the signature hop of Pete's Wicked ale and this ale is definitely dry hopped. Good luck in your brewing!

Note:This recipe is by George Hummel, owner of Home Sweet Homebrew in Philadelphia, PA. It appeared in "Mother Earth News" December 1994, and is used in Cats Meow with the permission of the author.