Cats Meow 3
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Corrales Blanco

Classification: wheat beer, wit, Belgian ale, all-grain

Source: Roy J. Bourcier (, r.c.b., October 3, 1995

Here's Corrales Blanco - a basic all-grain Wit. Effervescent, tart, and just plain good. If you come up with an interesting spice addition for this, let me know.



Add 2.5 gal 130F water to grains.
Mash malts 30 min @ 122F.
Add 1 gal boiling water to grains.
Mash 30 min @ 140F.
Add 1 gal boiling water to grains.
Heat and mash at 158F to conversion.
Mashout at 175F for 5 minutes.
Sparge at 170F.
Boil for 90 min.
Cool and pitch yeast.