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Brown Ale

Classification: brown ale, extract

Source: Tom Culliton (, r.c.b., January 24, 1995

When I'm looking for a batch with a quick turn around, it's time to whip up this Brown Ale recipe. It's ready to drink within 3 weeks and excellent within the month.



Add the grains to the cold water in the pot, heat nearly to boiling (180-190 degrees), remove and sparge with more hot water (I use the tea kettle and a SS colander). Bring to a boil, turn off heat and add malt syrup and dissolve (this is to avoid burning it to the bottom of the pot). Bring back to a boil, add the boiling hops, and after 40-45 minutes add the finishing hops. Remove from heat, cool (I put the whole pot in an ice water bath), transfer to carboy and top up to 5 gallons if needed. Pitch yeast, mix and aerate thoroughly.

Fermentation should be done in a week, but I leave it sit for another just to be sure. After bottling it should be carbonated and tasty in another week.

My water is fairly hard so a dose of brewing salts might also be in order.