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Pete's Wicked Clone

Classification: brown ale, Pete's Wicked Ale, extract

Source: Richard H. Clark (, r.c.b., 3/6/95

(Commented that a previously posted recipe from Home Sweet Homebrew was not even close to duplicating the taste of Pete's Wicked Ale....suggested this as an alternative. ---Ed.)

I just brewed one very similar to this, and it came out remarkably like Pete's, but better, of course! Mostly because I wanted something along the same lines, but don't particularly care for Pete's. I left out the toasted barley, and swapped the Northern Brewer for Chinook (my fav!), and used Wyeast 1728 Scottish instead of the 2112. I used Morgan's dark, and Cooper's light extracts.



Notes: FERMENT WARM - 70F !
Ferment only about a week.
Bottle for 2 weeks.