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Saunder's Nut Brown Ale

Classification: brown ale, Newcastle clone, extract

Source: Michael Hoopes, (, r.c.b., 10/26/95

This is based on Charlie Papazian's recipe for a good "nut brown ale". I was very satisfied with the results. I assume you're an extract brewer.



Made a yeast starter: 500.0 ml , starter: 10 mL SuperStarter; 500 mL SuperWort; Pitched at high krausen.

If you insist on using dry yeast, try Nottingham English Ale. In liquid yeast, use Wyeast Y-1968 London ESB. I prefer making mine from slants (either my own or BrewTek's); saves a lot of money in the long run, and boasts greater variety. If you can't find Styrian Goldings in the form you want (German plug hops are expensive) try East Kent Goldings pellets (especially in the second addition).