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Traditional Mead

Classification: mead, traditional mead

Source: Roy Rudebusch ( r.c.b., 9/28/92

If the mead should ferment too dry, dilute 1/2 pound honey with an equal part of water and treat with SO2 and pectic enzyme and add to mead.

If you do everything as described this mead should ferment out in less than a month. Bottle when the mead does not throw any sediment for a three month period.


First addition: In the Second addition:


Dissolve honey in water and add other minerals etc. Stir well and let sit in warm place for 2--5 days. On second day, start building the yeast starter by boiling 1 pint or so of water and adding 1 cup of dry malt extract. Hydrate yeast per package instructions and add to cooled extract mix. When yeast begins to give off CO2, add 2 more cups of extract and shake. When yeast looks active, add to must. Aerate.

When mead ferments below 1.010, prepare the second addition of honey in the same way as the first addition. After letting it rest a couple days, add to the fermenter with the first addition. Mix well.