Cats Meow 3
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Classification: mead, traditional mead

Source: Brian Smithey (, Mead Digest #39, 11/19/92

I used a good portion of that wildflower honey, and it really comes through in both the aroma and flavor of this medium strong and sweet mead.

This mead has a golden, almost orange color, whereas most of the lighter, dry meads that I've consumed have been more light and pale. There is a noticable honey aroma, distinctively wildflower. The flavor is a bit sweet, like a dessert wine, but not heavy or viscous like a liqueuer. I've only tasted a few bottles as this mead was just bottled a couple of months ago, but there are no unpleasant flavors present; I was expecting "young" flavors that would require the legendary 1 year of aging. I'll try to go easy on it so I can see how it develops!



Simmered all ingredients (except yeast!) at approx. 170 F. for 1 hour, skimming foam. Chilled, racked to 5 gallon carboy, pitched yeast, and attached air-lock. Racked to 3 gallon carboy with air-lock after 1 month. Bottled 4 months later, mead was crystal clear and no air-lock activity for a month. This is a still mead, no priming was added at bottling time.