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MeadBerry Mead

Classification: mead, melomel, blueberry mead, raspberry mead, blackberry mead, strawberry mead, fruit mead

Source: (RON), Mead Digest #269, 2/22/94

6 months later - low carbonation, fruity, very tasty. 1 year - carbonation varies from bottle to bottle, very tasty has a Lindermans Framboise Lambic (sp?) taste and carbonation. 2 years&2months later had last one. carbonation was little low for my liking but a very good after dinner mead with desert. A must to repeat, no pun intended.



Macerated fruit and cider in blender, boiled everything for 45 min, added yeast nut. and acid blend last 5 min. Ice bath for around 30 min. Poured the wort (must?) through cheese cloth and ran boiling water through it and squeezed the remainder out. Used a M&F Ale yeast starter. 4 weeks racked - tasted like cough syrup, acidic. 8 weeks bottled with 1 cup same Clover Honey above to 4.1 gal of secondary - had a dry fruity port taste.