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Kiwi Mead

Classification: mead, melomel, kiwi mead, cyser

Source: Matt Maples (, Mead Digest #390, 3/15/95

Yet another glowing testimonial for kiwi mead! The following was one of the first meads I ever made. After it aged for a year it turned out great. I only found one person who didn't like it and she didn't care for the smell the yeast imparted. I guess the apple juice would make this a cyser and not a melomel but no need to pick at nits. I did manage to strain out 70% of the seeds but in retrospect it wansn't really necessary.

Ingredients: (for 3 gallons)


Mix all ingrediants well. 24 hours after adding campden tablets, add one package of champagne yeast. As the mead's gravity falls to 1.05, add another 3 lbs. of honey. Do this until desired sweetness is reached.