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Blackberry Melomel #2

Classification: mead, blackberry mead, melomel

Source: Dave Cushman (, Mead Digest #400, 4/27/95

This is the second of two recipes posted. This is the one that worked. Read first recipe that didn't work.

This batch has a more pronounced blackberry character. My fatal flaw was in using too small of a primary fermenter. I intended to put all of the berries into the primary for the couple weeks because I really wanted to acheive a deep color. As it was, the color has turned out as something lighter than a Pinot Noir The fermenter wasn't big enough (6 gal carboy). For the next batch (I will definitely do this again), I have a 7.5 gallon carboy and I will probably continue with the above recipe.



Interesting note about malolactic fermentation: while it will help control overly acidified meads by converting harsh malic acid to softer lactic acid, it should not be used in meads which have a large concentration of citric acid - these cultures (leuconostoc oenus) will also convert citric acid to acetic acid >-O. The berries will have some citric acid, but I have not had any negative results from this - in fact the nose resulting from ML is really nice and earthy, like a French Burgundy.