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Basil Metheglin

Classification: mead, metheglin, basil mead

Source: Joel Stave (, Mead Digest #429, September 7, 1995

I made this metheglin for cooking, and so wanted a strong basil flavor. It can be sipped, but only if you *really* like basil. Also, when I say "gallon" I mean U.S. gallon.

Ingredients: (for 1 gallon)


8/18/94 Heated water and honey. Skimmed and simmered about 5 minutes. When cool, added acid blend and nutrient and pitched yeast. SG 1.080

8/19/94 picked and crushed basil leaves, put into a straining bag and added to the must. Ferment was going pretty well by this time.

8/24/94 Racked to a 4 liter jug - SG 1.042

9/20/94 racked to 1 gallon jug (4 liters to 1 gallon almost always works without having to top up or having any left over) SG 1.000 It cleared *very* quickly after this.

12/11/94 bottled in half-bottles. SG 0.996.

9/5/95 (last night) opened a bottle. pale green, crystal clear, *very* strong basil flavor and aroma. Definately drinkable if you like basil - might be good with pesto.