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Latest Mead

Classification: mead, metheglin

Source: Ron Raike,, Mead Digest #381, January 24, 1995

The last and first time I used the Wyeast Sweet Mead was on a Maple Mead that went from OG-1.116 to FG-1.050. This mead has taken a few ribbons.

Key for beginners: let the stuff sit - ingore it - rack at 3-4 weeks and againor not at 6 months. Have had great meads with different yeasts.



Yeast starter. 1.5 liter - 1 week and 2 days old Wyeast Sweet Mead yeast. In 1.75 liter bottle. Starter from 2 cups honey blend and 1 tsp. of Yeast Nutrient above. Boiled and chilled.

Other Yeast Starter - 1.2 liter - 3 day old Wyeast American 1056. in 1.75 liter bottle. Started with 1.5 cups light DME with a few hop cones. Boiled and chilled.

Started Saturday morning by generating ~6 gal RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. Then treating it with 1 tsp. gypsum, 1tsp. CaCO3, 1 tsp Sea Salt. Brought to a full boil in 8gal brew pot for 30 min. Heat off, let sit till finished eating and cool to 90 (all temps in C) added Honeys and syrup (75 min). Temp dropped to 75. Back on heat. Stirred a few times for 30 min. (45 min) Temp up to 77. Added rest of yeast nutrient and acid blend. Added lemon juice (40 min). Chopped peels and corriander in chopper and added (35 min). Small amount of Irish Moss added (15 min). Temp at 80. Started to get some hot break and moving around quicker. Let sit 10 min. Final Temp at 82. Heat off, sat 5 min. Stirred well (whirlpooled). Covered with saran wrap, put lid back on and ice bathed for 2 hrs. Removed saran wrap to find a nice conical forming upward from the center of the brew pot. Crystal clear with spices and fruit mostly in the center. Racked to carboys. 2.5 gal. got the Ale yeast and 3.5 gals. got the Mead yeast. OG was 1.079. Nice citric smell and taste. Will try to keep temp at 68-75F for fermenting. Will post results 6 months to a year from now.