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Mixed Berry Mead

Classification: mead, melomel, honey, berry mead, raspberry mead, blueberry mead, blackberry mead, cherry mead

Source: Jason Shepherd, (, rec.crafts.winemaking, 12/19/95

I just made a batch of Blueberry/Cherry/blackberry/raspberry mead using about 10lbs of honey and 9lbs of fruit. the recipe is below.



Boil 1 1/2 gallon (6l) of water and stir in honey. Add other ingredients(nutrient,gypsum,acid blend) and reduce boil to simmer add Irish Moss 10 minutes before finishing allow to cool and sparge into carboy with 2 or three lites of room temperature water add water to 1 below neck of carboy. Allow to cool to room temperature. Rehydrate yeast to instructions and add to must. Allow to set for 24 hrs. Then add thawed fruit slightly mashed.