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Lemon Melomel

Classification: mead, lemon mead, melomel

Source: Donna Maurer (, MLD #453, 1/20/96

I made a lemon melomel last year (around 8 months ago I think). I used a grapefruit melomel recipe and just substituted freshly squeezed lemons. Here is the recipe (for a gallon).

We tried this, chilled, at Christmas and it wasn't bad. It was pretty acidic and kept a good lemon flavour. No sweetness at all. I think it will improve with age.

I also made a grapefruit melomel at the same time - at the last tasting it still tasted like vomit. I don't think I'll ever like grapefruit.

We have a drink in Australia called Two Dogs, which they call an alcoholic lemonade. It is carbonated, around 5% alcohol and has great lemon flavour. I'm going to give this a go as my next lemon drink.

Ingredients: (1 gallon)