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Mead or Braggot

Classification: mead, braggot, metheglin

Source: Dan McConnell (, Mead Digest #455, 1/29/96

I wasn't planning to add the hops, but the recent discussion *made* me do it. It hurts too much to sit on the fence, besides the batch that I made last weekend (almost identical but with Light DME, Grains-of-Paradise and Star Anise in addition to the coriander and orange) tasted like it could use a little hop when I racked it after the primary fermentation was complete.

So, what have I got here? Braggot? Metheglyn? I think it's a braggot, but I don't know, it depends on how it turns out. It will not be carbonated, all my meads are still, almost always dry and cork finished. I don't expect much hop flavor. I don't expect much malt flavor either (but lots of color). If there is some malt character, I might call it a braggot, if not I might call it *Mead*. In any case, I'll still be happy. I won't HAVE to call it anything unless it is good enough to enter in a competition, then I'll deal with it and force-fit it into some category.

What's my point? I'm making this to please myself and try something different, a little wacked, something that I've never tasted before. I am definately NOT making this with braggot competition guidelines in mind. That is simply too restrictive and it's much more fun to color outside the lines.

This mead may be great or it may be a dismal failure. It sure smells good now (I think the hops were a good idea). See ya in about three years.

Ingredients: (6-7 gallons)


Bring extract to boil and add spices and hops. Boil 15 minutes and add honey. Kill heat, steep, cool and ferment.

I want this to ferment to dryness, or off-dry.